Speaker Removal &
Packing Instructions

   Dahlquist Speaker Removal Instructions
1) Remove Front Grille of speaker.

2) Remove screws from the speaker(s) in need of service.

3) Some speakers may have putty sealant behind it.
If the speaker does not remove by hand, a flat head
screwdriver may be used to lightly pry - by inserting it underneath
the frame of the speaker.

4) Once the speaker is removed, you will notice two color coded
wires. One wire is positive (red dot, plus, or X mark), the other
negative. Unsolder the wires from the terminals.

Customers who do not have knowledge of soldering can cut the wires a few inches
above the speaker terminals.

When re-installing the speaker, the end of the wires can be stripped, twisted together
and capped with an electrical nut. This is the only alternative to a decent
Note: Always connect the same color wires together - positive to positive / negative to negative.

Please call or email if you need specific instructions based upon your model.

              Dahlquist Packing Instructions
If sending one speaker:

1) Place speaker face down on a piece of cardboard.
Secure by popping holes in the cardboard where the empty frame holes are
positioned on the speakers.

2) Loop a wire tie or nut and bolt thru the speaker frame holes and the card board
and tighten. The speaker will now be strapped or bolted to the cardboard facing
down. Then follow steps three thru six.


If sending two identical speakers (two woofer,etc.):

1) Place face to face, line up empty frame holes
(where you removed the screws upon removal of speaker)
and loop a wire tie or nut and bolt thru the holes. Tighten.
Your speakers should now be strapped or bolted face to face.

2) Obtain a rigid sturdy cardboard carton with at least two inches of space
all around the speaker - top, bottom, and sides. The spaces will be filled
with packing material.

3) Bubble wrap the unit good. This is important! A few thin layers will not absorb
impact during transport. After the unit is bubble wrapped, additional packing
material may be used in the box - foam peanuts, newspaper, foam, etc.
4) Place a note in the carton with your name, return address, and daytime
telephone number(s). The daytime numbers should be an easy contact for
details on your serviced speaker and to obtain credit card payment
information. It is recommended to supply home, work, & cell phone numbers,
if possible, due to time zone differences.

5) Always try to use a major shipping carrier such as U.P.S. or Fedex.
Avoid using the U.S. postal service , it is difficult to track your package and a
slower service.

6) Insure your speaker with U.P.S. or Fedex.
Call us @ (631) 289-6559 for the appropriate insurance amount.

Our shipping address can be found under our contact information.