Dahlquist DQ-10

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                                                                        Dahlquist DQ-10 Parts
                           The following DQ-10 parts are available at our online store:


                                                          Dome Tweeter (replacement)

                                                          Dome Midrange (replacement)

                                                          DQ-10 Woofer (replacement): 



                                                          Grille Cloth (replacement)

                                                          Tweeter Fuseholder (Updated Style)

                                                          Main Fuseholder (black canister)

                                                          Fuses: Tweeter AGC.75(.8)*

                                                          Fuses: Main (AGC 3)

                                                          High Frequency Potentiometer Set

                                                          Foam Blocks

                                                          Grille Cloth & Nameplate Kit

                                                          Woofer Sealant Putty

                                                          Owner's Manual

                                                          Dahlquist Vintage Nameplate Set

                       * AGC .75 replaces the original AGC .8 fuse, which provides slightly more protection.

Purchase Supertweeter
Purchase Repl. Dome Tweeter
Purchase Replacement Dome Mid
Purchase Replacement Woofer

This woofer is offered to customers without the original woofers (purchased DQ-10's pre-owned,
with non-original woofers in cabinets, etc.).The replacement woofers ARE NOT RECOMMENDED
for customers that have the original woofers. Original woofers should be factory rebuilt: See below.

Purchase Grille Cloth
Purchase Tweeter Fuseholder
Purchase Main Fuseholder
Purchase Tweeter Fuses
Purchase Main Fuses
Purchase Potentiometer Set
Purchase Foam Block Set
Purchase Cloth & Nameplate kit
Purchase Woofer Sealant Putty
Purchase Owner's Manual
Purchase Nameplate Set

                                                         Dahlquist DQ-10 Rebuild Service

           The following DQ-10 components should be shipped to our facility for rebuild:

                                                                 DQ-10 Midbass
                                                                 DQ-10 Woofers
                                                                 DQ-10 Dome Midrange
                                                 In some instances, the dome mid can be repaired.

           As with all high-end loudspeakers, speaker drivers should be purchased or rebuilt in pairs (matched set).