Dahlquist DQ-20 / 20i

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DQ-20 / 20i
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                                                            Dahlquist DQ-20 / 20i Upgrade Kits
                          The DQ-20 / 20i upgrade kits are available at our online store:

                                                                   Individual Kits

                                                  DQ-20 / 20i Internal wiring upgrade kit (For DQ-20 & DQ-20i)

                                                  DQ-20 Polycapacitor upgrade kit

                                                  DQ-20i Polycapacitor Upgrade Kit

                                                  DQ-20 Gold plated binding posts

                                                  DQ-20i Gold Plated Binding Posts

                                                 DQ-20 / 20i Upgrade kit package:

                                                        Polycap upgrade Kit

                                                        Internal Wiring upgrade Kit

                                                        Gold plated binding posts

                                                        Woofer Sealant Gasket Putty

    Note: When ordering please be knowledgeable on the exact model of ownership - 20 or 20i. The upgrade kits are not the same.

Purchase Internal Wiring Kit
Purchase DQ-20 Polycap Kit
Purchase DQ-20i Polycap Kit
Purchase DQ-20 Gold Plate Posts
Purchase DQ-20i Gold Plate Posts
Purchase DQ-20 Upgrade Kit Package
Purchase DQ-20i Upgrade Kit Package