Dahlquist DQ-20 / 20i

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DQ-20 / 20i
Upgrade Kits

                                                             Dahlquist DQ-20 / 20i Parts

            The following DQ-20 / 20i parts are available at our online store:

                                                  Tweeter (DQ-20 / 20i)

Grille Cloth (replacement)

                                                  Fuseholders (black canister)

                                                  Fuses: Tweeter AGC.75(.8)*

                                                  Fuses: Main (AGC 3)

                                                  Woofer Sealant Gasket Putty

                                                  Owner's Manual

                                                  Floor Spikes (Replacement)

                                                  DQ-20 / 20i Woofer (replacement)*:  


                                       Dahlquist DQ-20 Rebuild Service   
The following DQ-20 / 20i components should be shipped to our facility for factory rebuild:

                                                  DQ-20 / 20i Midrange
                                                  DQ-20 / 20i Woofers

       As with all high-end loudspeakers, speaker drivers should be purchased or rebuilt in pairs (matched set).   

Purchase Tweeter
Purchase Grille Cloth
Purchase Fuseholder Set
Purchase Tweeter Fuses
Purchase Main Fuses
Purchase Woofer Sealant Putty
Purchase Owner's Manual
Purchase Repl. Floor Spikes
Purchase Replacement Woofer

*This woofer is offered to customers without the original woofers (purchased DQ-20's pre-owned, with non-original
woofers in cabinets, etc.).The replacement woofers ARE NOT RECOMMENDED for customers that have the original
woofers. Original woofers should be factory rebuilt: See below.